Sapir Azulay is a former captain in the Israeli Defense Force, where she served as a tank commander. She is trained in martial arts with a penchant for Krav Maga.  An artists at heart, she has 11 years of formal dance training and performing, with another 7 years of modeling experience where she has been the face of successful ad campaigns.  The video for her debut single “Make Me Feel” was independently released in 2019, showcasing not only her vocal and dancing ability, but her bright and playful spirit. 


Sapir was seen in one of 2019’s #1 films “ANGEL HAS FALLEN,” starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, in which she plays the role of an FBI Intelligence Analyst opposite Jada Pinkett-Smith.  Her 2019 Super Bowl commercial was one of the fan-favorites from last year’s game. 


In 2018, Sapir starred with Nicholas Cage in the movie “211”.  Sapir also captivated movie goers in the riveting film “TRAFFICKED” alongside Ashley Judd and Anne Archer.  And she also had a lead supporting role in a Netflix Original film, “THE ANGEL”. 


Sapir made her TV debut with recurring roles in the ABC Comedy “SELFIE”, and the comedy show “TEACHERS”.